Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bring on The Gourmet Brain Food Prep Montage, Or Thoughts on iZombie

You know exactly what you sign up for when the iZombie credits roll, and I certainly appreciate that.  From the offbeat indie theme song by Deadboy & the Elephantmen to the pop culture post-Lichtenstein graphics, this is not your father’s zombie crime procedural comedy drama.  In fact, compare these opening credits with the quietly ratcheting tension of the Walking Dead's, or even Z-nation's desperate but bluesy guitar riff.  This is an entirely new sub-genre; let's call it zombie lite, where the undead walk amongst us, not hidden in the shadows but holding down jobs and passing for the living.   Zombie-ism becomes a thing to live with, not quite a disability, almost a lifestyle, like veganism or Crossfit.  And as a consequence the show is more appealing, less of a downer, far less bleak and considerably less dystopian.  This isn’t a zombie apocalypse, it’s as close as we’re gonna get to a zombie utopia.
Whereas most show feature ordinary characters thrust into extraordinary circumstances, or an ordinary character hiding an extraordinary secret, here is a show about an extraordinary character and her struggle to live an ordinary life.  It’s equal parts Dead Like Me, Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood (but thankfully not as sexy). 
Also add a dash of the Matrix because Liv Moore, our sassy zombie Medical Examiner acquires new skill sets with each brain she consumes.  It’s a zombie show for the post-video game generation, where everything is a metaphor for leveling up and acquiring experiential points.  And like all video games, no one ever truly dies, you can always return as a functioning, wise-cracking living dead girl.
iZombie features the very charming and very pale Rose McIver as Liv Moore, Zombie MD and her boss Ravi, played with fanboy levels of adoration by Rahul Kohli.   Add her partner to the mix, Detective Clive Babineaux as played by Malcom Goodwich and you have two persons of color in the major cast, not that I’m counting (I totally am).  That’s one more than Arrow.  The entire cast is closer to their thirties, though still young enough to appeal to the sacred teen demographic the CW Network (and the entire Hollywood system) is perpetually chasing.
From an existential perspective, these shows are all about the struggle against one’s own mortality, and how we manage that underlying anxiety.  Though I really do enjoy all those gourmet quick cut montages of the tasty ways Liv prepares her brains.  I find myself looking forward to them.  I don’t know what that says about me.
iZombie also features Steven Weber as Vaughn DuClark, playing a parody of every other character he’s played before, and Jessica Harmon as Special Agent Dale Bozzio, working a missing persons case…   (Get it?  Of course you don’t).
You know, 40 years from now you’re gonna be watching the latest holographic TV show featuring somebody named Special Agent Kanye Skrillix and you'll try to explain the significance on your wetware mind-blog and nobody will understand, and then you’ll know precisely how I feel…

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