Wednesday, January 6, 2016

HAIL TO THE KING! Or, These Ain’t Walkers, These Are Deadites

Much like Z-Nation, Season One of Ash vs. Evil Dead succeeded in reminding viewers that zombies used to be fun.  You used to go to a zombie movie to laugh, they weren’t taken seriously, by the audience or the actors you were watching.  Equal parts horror and comedy, light and dark, creating a roller coaster experience that allowed you to be frightened, amused and horrified.  Ash vs. Evil Dead has to be compared to the Walking Dead and if you do so, Ash becomes the Anti-Rick.  Ash is witty, selfish, both cowardly and heroic, with a fundamentally inflated yet ultimately justified opinion of his own greatness.
Ash is also lucky; he improvises and makes things up as he goes along, trusting in his philosophy of shoot first, think never.  Granted, his world is less complicated than Rick’s because the Deadites haven’t taken over.  This ain’t the Deadite Apocalypse kids, though that may be coming in Season 2.  But even if that comes Ash will still maintain his sense of humor and his Three Stooges innocence, his essential humanity, in that situation.  We could all learn a lot from Ash.
The episodes are about thirty minutes long, which I think is a great time frame to have a couple snappy one liners, a big bloody fight and set up for the next segment and move the plot along.  And this time Ash has a couple sidekicks to riff off, rescue and be rescued by.  Also, it’s nice to see Lucy Lawless (I always though that was the coolest name) back in New Zealand, where the series is being filmed.
I don’t like summarizing plot points in my reviews, you saw the thing, and you don’t need me to retell the story.  I think a summary in a review is another cop-out by the writer to inflate their word count because you know these hacks (present company most emphatically included) are paid by the word.  I always skip over the summary and get to the analysis, which is a laughably grandiose explanation of what you can expect from this blog.  I’m just here to tell you my opinion on things and stuff, what I liked and disliked, and maybe get you thinking from a different perspective.
TLDR?  Ash is fun, Rick is a downer. 
Both of these fellas live in a bleak and bloody world where everyone they love dies.  But Ash survives and thrives through the power of sex and drugs and rock n’roll, and of course, a really cool chainsaw hand.  Both of these worlds are fantasies but which one would you prefer to live in?  Who is having more fun?  Which roller coaster do you want to ride?
I don’t know about you baby, but I’ll pick AC/DC & Deadites every time…

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