Sunday, January 3, 2016

WINDWALKER, or I Draw My Own Book Covers

I'm especially proud of this cover, which i drew in Adobe Illustrator, as it shows all five of my characters and it completes the tetralogy I started in 2012.  If i had to pitch this series to a big time Hollywood producer with a briefcase full of cash I'd say "think of Kill Bill mashed with Harry Potter, with a dash of Highlander".
And they'd say something like "You mean Highlander, that Canadian TV show from the '90s with all the sword fights?"
And I'd say "Yeah, i like swords..."  I would try to explain awkwardly.
And then instead of reading my book and offering me a 3 picture deal they'd just reboot Highlander, but with teens...

Here's the text from amazon:

Aeryn Windwalker, the Lady Witch-Assassin, expert with bow and blade, finds herself the instigator of the only conspiracy with the strength and will to oppose the Witch Queen, Serena Waterhouse. Serena has wrested control of the Beloved City away from the Council of Al’Ca-traz and declared herself the Empress Sanguine. Aeryn searches for her sister Allegria, kidnapped and ransomed by Serena while negotiating the perpetually shifting alliances and implicit betrayals of her dark world. Together with Griffin Sundance, Aeryn Windwalker will have to befriend a vampyre, steal a magick katana, learn how to fly and take a cruise on the Titanic before bearing witness to the final duel between the Ronin shapeshifter Gaia Blackwood and Serena Waterhouse, the Empress Sanguine. 
In WINDWALKER, the Darkstepper Quadrilogy is finally concluded in an operatic and bloody death match involving vampire cowboys, rockabilly werewolves, punk rock assassins and killer kung-fu witches.