Saturday, February 27, 2016

Weekend TV Suggestions, or Time Displacement and Dark Cabals in The Lost Room

 Much like Charade (1963) starring Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn was actually directed by Stanley Donen and not Alfred Hitchcock, The Lost Room, a Sci-Fi miniseries from 2010 is the most Stephen King story never written by Stephen King.  Peter Krause from Six Feet Under stars as Joe Miller, a police detective who finds a key that opens any door but always leads to a hotel room in Gallup, New Mexico.  His daughter, played by Elle Fanning disappears into the room, and sets the plot in motion.
An unexplained experiment in 1961 caused the motel room and all its contents to vanish out of time and place and imbued the objects within the room with unexplained and quirky powers.  The Key can open any door, the Comb can stop time, the Deck of Cards causes frightening visions, the Bus Ticket teleports anyone who touches it to Gallup New Mexico, you get the idea.  There are Object Collectors who pay millions for them, the Legion, who hunts the Collectors and the Order, who worship the Objects and the Room as pieces of God.  All of these groups are chasing Joe because he has the Key.
Also starring Chris Bauer aka Andy Bellefleur as Joe’s partner and veteran actor Dennis Christopher (check out his IMDB page, it goes back to 1967) as a pathologist who goes a little crazy and joins the Order.

my first novel? thanks for asking:) I wrote a 4 book supernatural martial arts series concerning the ongoing feud between a group of kung-fu killer witches in san francsico’s chinatown.