Saturday, March 19, 2016

Disco Dracula Stage Fright, or Frank Langella in Dracula

I never explain my post titles, I want you guys to figure out the references and smile knowingly.  But sometimes the titles are so clever (well, moderately clever) I am compelled to share my thought process and allow the readers to peek behind the curtain.  “Disco Dracula” the movie was released in 1979 and while punk rock was happening and New Wave was just around the corner, the country was still pointing their fingers at the ceiling to the BeeGees and KC and the SunshineBand.  “Stage Fright” is twofold, the movie is based on the stage play and Broadway hit, and Laurence Olivier suffered from stage fright for his entire career.  And there you have it; levels and metas all laid out and explained for you, the reader, because I care about you.
Anyway, interested in a solid gothic romance/horror set in the correct (Victorian) time period with no extraneous steampunk details, no CGI and no reinventions of the classic vampire mythos?  In Dracula, 1979 all you get are classy actors and solid performances as far as the eye can see.  Frank Langella’s Dracula is suave, courtly and predatory; he’s not fighting werewolves or suffering from a rare blood disorder.  This is a traditional vampire who’s allergic to crosses and sunlight, as originally envisioned by Bram Stoker, and that’s really all you need.
With Laurence Olivier as Van Helsing, Donald Pleasance as Dr. Seward and Kate Nelligan as Mina Harker.  Pay attention to the classics, kids.  They’ve been around a lot longer than you.

my first novel? thanks for asking:) I wrote a 4 book supernatural martial arts series concerning the ongoing feud between a group of kung-fu killer witches in san francsico’s chinatown.