Thursday, March 3, 2016

Now That You Know Who Lena Headey is, Go Watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles

The true blessing and curse of the time travel franchise is access to endless reboots, which function as the ultimate reset button.  All Superman has to do (or Doc Brown) is spin the earth backwards and thanks to the benefit of alternate timelines, the writers can reshuffle characters, tweak story lines and hopefully keep their viewers engaged.
Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox, 2008) ran two seasons and starred your gal Lena "Anyone who isn't us is our enemy" Headey.  She played the role with a quiet intensity that made the viewer forget about Linda Hamilton, despite the physique differences and not having arms like Madonna.  The series has themes of motherhood and gun worship, as Sarah Connor protects her son with a mama bear level of ferocity, as played by Thomas Dekker with the perfect blend of mopey indifference.  He’s tolerable as a character as the series focuses on Sarah Connor’s journey, these are her adventures as she fights against terminators and the FBI chasing her across the country.
It’s a twisted family unit on the run with the addition of the Cameron terminator played by Summer Glau, who supplies most of the charm and deadpan humor to the series as an unspecified generation beyond T-800 but before the liquid chrome T-1000.  The terminator lore and mythos was fully developed in a way that the movies have never approached, as they’ve never had the time.  Two seasons allowed for lots of time for terminator self-surgery, explanations on their power units and CPU structure, and especially the cool mech fights; brutal body slams with no human techniques that were more like watching an extended car crash than a fight scene.
Shirley Manson, the Scottish lead singer of Garbage and 90’s dream goddess arrives in Season 2 as Catherine Weaver, a shiny chrome T-1000 posing as the CEO of a company that may or may not be assembling the components for Skynet.  She continues the tradition started by Arnold of the terminators speaking in unexplained accents.  The series also features Richard T. Jones who you just saw in American Horror Story: Hotel as Special Agent James Ellison, the FBI agent chasing the Connors and Brian Austen Greene (yeah, I know) in the thankless role as John Connor’s uncle, Derek Reese from the future.
In our world of never-ending software upgrades and standing in line for the latest iPhone, the themes of artificial intelligence and The Singularity seem more realistic and relevant than an alien invasion or the zombie apocalypse scenarios.  The series ended abruptly, on a cliffhanger and in the midst of yet another reboot, but sometimes it’s best to leave the party when it’s still poppin’.  Those endless reboots might have become manipulative and hackneyed in subsequent seasons; killing off characters and then travelling back to the moment before death to save them in the next episode immediately comes to mind.  With two tight seasons were at least spared that, for what it’s worth.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles succeeded in proving that The Terminator franchise could exist and indeed flourish without Arnold and was far superior to Terminator Genisys (2015, I so hate that spelling), which starred, ironically, another Game of Thrones alumnus, Emilia Clarke.  Who will Fox get next to play Sarah Connor?  I vote for Natalie Dormer.  Let’s ride that Westeros casting train to its logical end and see where we end up.

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