Saturday, March 26, 2016

Weekend Movie Recommendations, or Britpop Gangsters and Polite Mayhem in Layer Cake

Two years before Casino Royale and the role that would change his life, Daniel Craig played the anonymous narrator, a pragmatic drug dealer with a code, in Layer Cake (2004).   He’s more like a charismatic bootlegger than a proper villain, and he’s looking for one last score before he retires.  But of course you and I know you can never get out of this business.  He’s on a collision course with the Duke, a coke addled tracksuit wearing loudmouth who inadvertently steals a shipment of MDMA from Serbian war-criminal gangsters who like to take heads.
Directed by Matthew Vaughn Kingsman (2015), Layer Cake has a Guy Ritchie vibe, making London gangsters cool again with flashbacks, voiceovers and a nostalgic Britpop soundtrack ranging from Kylie Minogue and The Cult to Duran Duran.  Michael Gambon plays Eddie Temple, a mob boss who’s managed to go legit as a real estate developer, along with Sienna Miller, Colm Meaney Chief O’Brian, Ben “Q” Whishaw, Burn Gorman from Torchwood (2006) and Pacific Rim (2013) and Tom Hardy.

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