Saturday, April 30, 2016

Downton Abbey Werewolves on a Train, or thoughts on Howl

Missing Downton Abbey?  You can see Ed Speelers, who you remember as Jimmy the handsome footman in a small, direct to video indie British werewolf movie, Howl (2015).  He plays Joe, a train guard in love with the tea girl, trying for a promotion and working the night shift when the train breaks down and he’s held siege in the forest by howling wolves.  The passengers include your typical cross-section of London life; a bored teen, a pretentious yuppie, a nice older couple who remembers The War, a British lady with a small yappy dog, an overworked professional lady, a nerdy anorak student and a hungover football hooligan.  All it takes is no phone service and one werewolf outside the doors to unite this disparate group of commuters.
This is no Shaun of the Dead with werewolves; it’s an old-fashioned horror with none of that dry British humor, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  The werewolves look more like naked Viking beserker bodybuilders but with lots of teeth, I'm just grateful they didn't CGI them.  Sean Pertwee’s cameos as the unlucky train driver.

my first novel? thanks for asking:) I wrote a 4 book supernatural martial arts series concerning the ongoing feud between a group of kung-fu killer witches in san francsico’s chinatown.