Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Now That You Know Who Peter Dinklage is, Go Watch The Station Agent

Peter Dinklage gained international fame and stardom as your favorite Lannister but The Station Agent (2003) was his breakout role and first feature film.  Written and Directed by Tom McCarthy, who got all those Academy Award nominations for Spotlight (2015), Peter plays Fin, a serious, closed-off, and wary bachelor who is passionate about trains but not eager to share that hobby outside of his circle of train-friends.  When he inherits an abandoned train depot in New Jersey he is forced to come out of his shell and meet new people.
Fin’s solitary yet comfortable routine of contemplative walks along the train tracks is loudly and permanently interrupted by Joe, played with enthusiastic, childlike sincerity by Bobby Cannavale.  Joe stubbornly ignores Fin’s abrasive rejections, follows him on his walks and wears him down with his persistent amiability.  Fin also meets Emily, played by Michelle Williams, the town librarian, and Olivia, as portrayed by the always lovely Patricia Clarkson, an artist suffering from depression.  There are cameos by Richard Kind and John Slattery as Olivia’s ex-husband.
It’s a quiet and sensitive film about lonely people living ordinary lives where nothing much happens, but in that space an entire universe opens up.  Simple pleasures like reading, eating and taking walks, enjoying the silence between sentences take on a greater significance when shared with new acquaintances.  The Station Agent shows how hard it can be to make friends or real connections as adults, and how complicated yet satisfying it can be when you do. 

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