Friday, April 8, 2016

The Return of the Gecko Brothers, or Thoughts on From Dusk Till Dawn on NetFlix

The series reboot of From Dusk Till Dawn on NetFlix from Robert Rodriguez’ El Rey network brought the Gecko Brothers to the small screen but kept the Tarantino retro-cool with the muscle cars and the requisite Reservoir Dogs black suits, along with the movie references in casual conversation because everyone in this world is a film scholar. 
But these are friendlier Gecko Brothers, the creepy sex predator aspect from Quentin’s portrayal was thrown out the window, and Richie, as played by Zane Holz has been reinvented as a psycho and sometimes psychic criminal genius.   DJ Cotrona as Seth starts out doing his best Clooney impression but by the end of the season both of the actors have had the time to make the characters their own.
The first season essentially retells the movie over the course of ten episodes; expanding all the characters and focusing more on Robert Rodriguez’ vision of the Calibras, the Aztec vampire snake cult.   There’s more room for mysticism with the mythology expanded, and updated graphics with digital snakes and severed heads.
The introduction of Esai Morales and Wilmer Valderrama as vampire cartel members is when the series takes off in a more interesting direction.  From Dusk Till Dawn becomes a Latino horror story with Latino villains and heroes.  It’s refreshingly diverse and innovative in the same way that Desperado (1995) was one of the first mainstream Latino action movies.
You get to see the Titty Twister again (boy do I love writing those words), it’s bigger than the original and more PG-13, but it has the original band and is still chock full of bikers and vampire strippers and open from dusk till dawn.  Like the rest of the characters from the original movie, the setting gets more screen time and back-story as the universe of From Dusk Till Dawn is elaborated and expanded upon.
Danny Trejo returns, along with Don Johnson as Earl McGraw and Robert Patrick (the T-1000 and Agent John Doggett) as Pastor Jacob Fuller.  Scott, played by Brandon Soo Hoo has a much bigger role, along with Juliet Lewis’ character Kate Fuller, now played by Madison Davenport.  Jesse Garcia as Ranger Freddie Gonzales and Jake Busey as Sex Machine, sporting what looks like the original codpiece gun.  Season Two added Demi Lovato as Maia, another vampire added to the party as the story has evolved into a vampire turf war along the Texas-Mexico border.

Think Breaking Bad, but with vampires (that would be a good title).

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