Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Creepy Villagers and Haunted Churches in Glastonbury, or Thoughts on Christina Ricci in The Gathering

Christina Ricci is wandering across the English countryside when she is suddenly hit by a car, how’s that for a hook?  She plays Cassie, an amnesiac with an American accent in The Gathering (2003), a moody and atmospheric film about the discovery of an underground First Century Roman church in Glastonbury, and the historical and religious implications surrounding it.
In many ways The Gathering is a traditional Gothic tale with the wide-eyed innocent young girl working as a nanny in a big house with a mystery, haunted by bloody visions and pursued by creepy strangers in the local village.  Perhaps because it was filmed in the English countryside this movie has a timeless quality, as if the events could have occurred any time from WWII to now.  It adds to the disorientation experienced by Cassie, and the audience, as the diverse elements of the plot slowly comes to fruition.   It’s a movie where patience is rewarded, and even manages to include footage from the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas.
The title of the film refers to the crowd of strangers that tends to gather around scenes of disaster, public executions and accidents throughout history and adds the requisite supernatural twist.  Christina Ricci is a prolific actress who fortunately hasn’t been typecast into genre roles like this one, but she still manages to acknowledge her Wednesday Addams roots in The Gathering and the uneven but far more effective After.Life (2009).
With Welsh Actor Ioan Gruffudd, who you may remember as Reed Richards in Fantastic 4 (2003) and Stephane Dillane, aka Stannis Baratheon as an art historian investigating the ancient church. 

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