Saturday, May 7, 2016

Drinking a Pina Colada at Trader Vic’s, or Thoughts on Werewolf of London

Werewolf of London (1935) is actually the second Universal werewolf movie, the first being a 1913 silent movie entitled The Werewolf. 
Henry Hull stars as Dr. Wilfred Glendon, a botanist fresh from a Tibetan expedition with a suspicious bite on his arm where he was searching for the “wolf flower” that only blooms by moonlight.  Coincidentally, the extract of this wolf flower can be used to synthesize an antidote for lycanthropy, though it will probably be too late for Dr. Glendon.
It’s basically the same makeup and werewolf style that Lon Chaney Jr. would use in The Wolf Man (1941), but this werewolf has more of a Jekyll and Hyde vibe, almost as if Universal didn’t know what to do with werewolves.  This one wears opera capes, climbs up balconies and attacks London streetwalkers at night.  The makeup was by Hollywood Legend Jack Pierce, who was responsible for the look of all the Universal Monsters including Frankenstein and The Mummy.

An alternate title for this post: I’d Like to Meet His Tailor, or Thoughts on Werewolf of London...

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