Friday, May 13, 2016

Please Tell Me This is The Bigfoot Sex Tape, or Thoughts on WolfCop

 Written and Directed by Lowell Dean (13 Eerie, a Canadian zombie movie, 2013), WolfCop (2014) was filmed in Regina, Sasketchewan.  Remember what I said about how Canada was great for werewolf movies?  Outrageous humor mixed with grindhouse-level gore and a driving heavy metal soundtrack takes this horror comedy to an Evil Dead/Shaun of the Dead level.
Jesse Moss plays Lou Garou  (Get it?  Like Dr. Acula), the hard drinking, hard loving small town sheriff who drops his gun a lot and does the bare minimum of law enforcement.  He’s investigating a disturbance in the woods when he’s attacked by a— you know what happens next, and where this usually goes.  I say usually because there’s a glorious alien conspiracy where the town elders are actually shapeshifting lizard people who need to sacrifice a werewolf for another century of prosperity during the annual Drink and Shoot Hunting Party.
The first indications of his new animal nature occurs when Lou shaves and his five o’clock shadow immediately grows back.  Then there’s his heightened senses of hearing and smell, and oh yeah, there’s a pentagram, aka the mark of the beast, carved into his chest.  The painful werewolf transformation starts at the urinal of his local watering hole, the Tooth and Nail.  There’s a lot of flesh tearing to reveal the fur underneath, and I’m always happy to see old school, analog special effects in a modern horror movie.
Lou becomes the WolfCop, the crime-fighting werewolf, which is basically a sheriff’s uniform and a werewolf mask, but trust me, it works.  He retains his human intelligence and his werewolf bloodlust is replaces with a thirst for justice, and also whisky and donuts.  Additionally, he upgrades his police cruiser into the rolling wolf-mobile.

I like it when movies cross genres, flipping from your standard supernatural horror to goofy science fiction and as I mentioned at the start of this review, the movie is reminiscent of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead (1981) and Jesse Moss’ dumb/lucky hero is very similar to Bruce Campbell’s Ash.  Severed heads fly and the blood flows in this profanity laced, irreverent horror-comedy complete with werewolf sex scenes and exploding meth labs.  And like Ash, the only way to describe this movie is “groovy”…

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