Friday, July 15, 2016

Living Life in an Adam Ant Video, or Thoughts on Faye Dunaway in The Wicked Lady

Screen Legend Faye Dunaway of Bonnie and Clyde (1967), Chinatown (1974), Three Days of The Condor (1975), Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) and Mommie Dearest (1981) starred as Lady Barbara Skelton in The Wicked Lady (1983), another forgotten movie by Director Michael WInner of the Nightcomers (1972) and The Sentinel (1977).  Overflowing with gorgeous costumes, authentic period interiors and architecture, courtly dances, horses, swords and flintlocks in 18th Century England, it’s the remake of a beloved 1945 English classic, with the welcome addition of copious 80’s nudity and a saucy lady catfight with whips.
By day Lady Skelton is a husband stealing, social climbing society lady, but by night she’s a highway woman in black, like a lady Zorro in black leather.  However she’s no Robin Hood or Batman, she’s simply bored with her life as Lady of the Manor and searching for new thrills.   Barbara’s the wicked lady, not the crime fighting justice lady.

With John Gielgud as Hogarth, the butler, Denholm Elliot, who you know as Marcus from Indiana Jones, as Sir Ralph Skelton, the rich husband, and Alan Bates as Captain Jerry Jackson, the handsome highwayman and Lady Skelton’s lover.  Also Prunella Scales, who you should remember as Sibyl Fawlty, as Lady Kingsclere, a society rival of Lady Skelton.  And look out for Marina Sirtis, you know, Counselor Troi (who will be cast as Troi in the inevitable reboot?), in her big screen debut.

my first novel? thanks for asking:) I wrote a 4 book supernatural martial arts series concerning the ongoing feud between a group of kung-fu killer witches in san francsico’s chinatown.