Thursday, July 7, 2016

Who Invited the CHUDS to Ladies' Night, or Thoughts on The Descent

Writer and director Neil Marshall of Dog Soldiers (2002) followed his werewolf/SAS movie with The Descent (2005), about an all-female cast of lady spelunkers lost miles under the earth.  Did you ever notice that spelunking is basically reverse mountain climbing, but with headlamps and no altitude sickness?  (I just watched Deadpool again, so look at me breaking the fourth wall).
Shauna Macdonald from Howl (2015, and coincidentally another UK werewolf movie) plays Sarah, an extreme athlete mourning over the loss of her husband and daughter in a catastrophic accident that occurs five minutes into the movie, attacking the viewer with a real-life horror and tragedy before scaring you with the relatively safer and imaginary (as far as we know) idea of cannibalistichumanoid underground dwellers.
Sarah is one of six adrenaline junkies, all coincidentally attractive, athletic women in their late twenties who like to base jump and are searching for the next adventure.  She endures lots of jump scares with bats and dream sequences reliving the accident prep for what’s to come.
Old rivalries and resentments come to the surface when the ladies find themselves far underground.  Claustrophobic and terrifying, there’s enough catastrophic events that happen before we even get to the monsters with panic attacks, equipment failure, natural disasters, cave-ins, getting lost, and breaking a leg.  Half of the movie is a standard action-adventure movie with the clever spin of an all-female cast and being underground.
The monsters are de-evolved cavemen, pale, blind Gollum-ish creatures with highly developed hearing and ironically, great climbers.  Of course they eat people (did you even have to ask), and they begin to pick off the spelunking party one by one.  The second half of the movie is a desperate fight for life miles underground in complete darkness, scrambling through narrow tunnels and underground pools as they search for an exit.
Watch out for Myanna Burning, who you remember as Edna Braithwaite from Downton Abbey and Lesbian Vampire Killers (2009, with James Cordon).

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