Monday, September 26, 2016

Like You Needed Another Reason to Watch Your Drinks, or Thoughts on Contracted

Written and Directed by Eric England, Contracted (2013) is a humorless, and maybe pointless zombie movie that deals with sexual assault and necrophilia.  It’s difficult to watch and justify as entertainment, but that didn’t stop me from reviewing it for this blog, because I care about you.   To the movie’s credit, the really creepy scenes are implied, rather than shown, a clever and mature directorial twist that you wouldn’t expect in a low-budget exploitation, neo-grindhouse film.
Najarra Townsend as Samantha, an unlucky partier who is date raped by a necrophiliac mortuary worker at a party and contracts the worst possible zombie virus STD.  The symptoms go from worse to disastrous; cramping, bleeding, migraines, hearing sensitivity and before long her hair and fingernails start falling out and she starts craving human flesh.  It doesn’t end well for Samantha, or for that matter, the viewers.
Sex has always been a tacit element of the horror movie and in fact vampirism can also be considered an STD, what with all the blood and biting, and everybody loves vampire movies, amirite?  And it is the duty of art to push the boundaries; something certainly reflected in modern horror like It Follows (2014), Deadgirl (2008), The Human Centipede (2009, now a trilogy), Teeth (2007) or old-school Cronenberg body horror movies like Rabid (1977) or Videodrome (1983).  Contracted is also reminiscent of Thanatomorphose (2012) a Canadian film that explores similar themes.  I’m not certain I can fully recommend it, it’s a rough ride, you have been warned.

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