Saturday, September 24, 2016

When Andrea From The Walking Dead Met Pyramid Head, or Thoughts on Silent Hill

Silent Hill (2006), written by Roger Avary of Killing Zoe (1993), Reservoir Dogs (1992), and Pulp Fiction (1994, with Quentin) and directed by Christophe Gans of Brotherhood of The Wolf (2001) actually stars Australian actor Radha Mitchell from Pitch Black (2000), Man on Fire (2003), Surrogates (2009) and The Darkness (2014).  She portrays Rose, who searches for her missing adopted daughter, and that search of course leads her to Silent Hill, West Virginia.  Laurie Holden, who starred in The Mist (2006) but will always be remembered as Andrea from The Walking Dead plays Officer Bennet, a motorcycle cop in black leather and silver aviators, but the real star of the movie is Roberto Campanella, who portrays Pyramid Head.  His name should be as famous as Kane Hodder,  Reggie Nadler or Doug Bradley, and if you don’t know who those guys are, I don’t know if we can still be friends.
With a permanently burning coal mine far underground that has rendered the air toxic, Silent Hill is a ghost town cut off from the world and trapped in the past.  Ash falls from the sky like snow and the townspeople live far underground, along with the blind mutants and various creepy crawlies.  It’s a world almost completely rendered out of digital landscapes and green screen sets, which seems appropriate as the movie is based on a videogame. 
I immediately wanted to see Silent Hill based on the initial press release of a single photo; a muscled giant in a bloody apron armed with an oversized sword and wearing a triangular iron helmet.  He appeared to be dragging a pelt of human skin, and I was completely sold on the concept of Pyramid Head, the primary monster and chief Big Bad of Silent Hill.  The stuff of nightmares, I remember being just as initially fascinated in Hellraiser’s Pinhead and his Cenobite brethren.   It would also be remiss of me to not mention the Silent Hill nurses; blind, busty, knife wielding, and a perfect synthesis of sexy horror, especially if you have a nurse fetish. 
I’ve never played the videogame, never even heard of it before that initial press release photo of Pyramid Head, and without playing the game I feel I’m somehow missing levels and nuances that have to be experienced during gameplay.  However the Resident Evil and Mortal Kombat movies stand alone, in addition to the recent World of Warcraft’s Warcraft (2016).  Haunting, mesmerizing, surreal and confusing but also compelling because the monsters are so unique and disturbing, Silent Hill remains an intriguing concept, and I’m all in for a reboot.
Also starring Sean Bean from literally every movie and TV show you love, as Chris, the estranged husband, Kim Coates, most famous for Tig from Sons of Anarchy, as a police inspector and Alice Krige from Ghost Story (1981) but who will always be the Borg Queen as Christabella, the matriarch of Silent Hill. 
The movie inspired a sequel, Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) both of which of course I watched because I’m a completionist (I’ve seen all 10 Friday the 13ths and all 9 Hellraisers) and I can’t get enough of Pyramid Head.

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