Monday, October 10, 2016

Psycho Hipster Running Man (With Carnies), or Thoughts on Rob Zombie’s 31

Rob Zombie has an obvious affection for the horror genre and returns to his psycho-billy carny roots with 31 (2016), just in time for Halloween.  Set in the 70’s, his favorite decade, the movie features Meg Foster from They Live (1988) and The Lords of Salem (2013) and looking fantastic for 68, (though to be fair she’s looked fantastic at every age) and of course, his Lisa Marie/Helena Bonham Carter, Sheri Moon Zombie.
Normally the carnies are the bad guys, but this time they’re kidnapped by a group of evil aristocrats in powdered wigs, or (homicidal Batman ’66 villains) and hunted for sport in an abandoned industrial warehouse, on Halloween night.  The carnies are chased by a variety of killers including a Mexican Nazi dwarf in a bunny head, redneck chainsaw maniacs in clown masks, and a German performance artist in a tutu.
With Lawrence Hilton Jacobs from Welcome Back, Kotter (1975), Judy Geeson from To Sir With Love (1967) and The Lords of Salem (2013), Jeff Daniel Phillips, the Geico Caveman and Malcom McDowell, Dr. Loomis from his Halloween (2007) reboot.
Equal parts The Warriors (1979), The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and The Running Man (1987) with a dash of Haute Tension (2003), 31 dovetails nicely with The Devil’s Rejects and fits perfectly within his heavy metal retro 70’s universe of verbose homicidal psychotics, evil clowns, Halloween masks and tube tops.  There’s also a bitchin’ John Carpenter inspired techno soundtrack to keep you pumped.
Watch out for cameos by Tracey Walter, Bob the Goon from Batman (1999) as Lucky Leo and 80’s porno queen Ginger Lynn as Cherry Bomb.

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