Monday, October 24, 2016

Ignore the Silver Shamrock Halloween Countdown, or Thoughts Halloween III: Season of The Witch

Similar to the Exorcist III (1990) in the sense that there were no head spinning exorcisms, Halloween III: Season of The Witch may have had a moody electro John Carpenter soundtrack without the signature theme song but Michael Myers was noticeably absent.  Written and Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and produced by John Carpenter and Debra Hill, the movie was a sci-fi horror mashup with killer androids, haunted microchips in Halloween masks and an evil mind control TV signal, a theme John Carpenter would explore further in They Live (1988). 
Part of an original vision of John Carpenter’s on an anthology series of Halloween-themed films, Season of The Witch starred John Carpenter favorite Tom Atkins from The Fog (1980) and Escape From New York (1981) as Dr. Daniel Challis, who discovers the Halloween mask conspiracy by the Silver Shamrock Novelty Company.   Tom Atkins had non-traditional good looks and a mid-century manly-man vibe that always reminded me of a young Gene Hackman or a heavier Steve McQueen, but he didn’t make a very convincing doctor.  However once he leaves the hospital and starts fighting those killer androids he’s in top form.
The masks were created by Hollywood mask maker Don Post, who was also responsible for the iconic William Shatner/Captain Kirk mask that was spray-painted white and transformed into Michael Myers in Halloween (1978), and the movie has gained an audience over the last 30 years and enjoys a well-deserved cult status.
A supernatural Videodrome (1983), Tommy Lee Wallace would go on to direct TV shows including Max Headroom (1987), Baywatch (1989), Stephen King’s IT (1990) and another John Carpenter lateral sequel, Vampires: Los Muertos (2002, with Jon Bon Jovi!).

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