Saturday, October 1, 2016

When Your Hookup Leads to The Zombie Apocalypse, or Thoughts on Night of The Living Deb

In American cinema and TV there are two redhead archetypes; the fiery siren like Rita Hayworth or Christina Hendricks, or the sassy goofball as personified by the great Lucille Ball, or more recently, Elle Kemper in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (They alive, dammit!).  Now you can add Maria Thayer from Strangers with Candy and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) to that sassy goofball list with Night of The Living Deb (2015), a zombie romantic comedy, a zom-rom-com if you will.
Maria Thayer star as Deborah Clarington, a quirky small town girl who experiences the worst morning after she meets her dream guy Ryan and walks out of his apartment and straight into a zombie outbreak.  The undead violence and gore is played for laughs (“Dude, why are you eating a foot?”), and Deb and Ryan have seen all the same movies we have, so they’re more or less prepared.
A self-referential meta-comedy with horror elements, Night of The Living Deb is a light-hearted, American Shaun of The Dead (2004) that was funded by Kickstarter and filmed in Portland, Maine (Stephen King territory!).  The Kickstarter funding establishes the movie’s indie hipster street cred, and makes it literally a popular comedy, created for the people and by the people.  I get the impression that a lot of the zombies were those same Kickstarters, which echoes back to George A. Romero’s investor zombie cameos in Night of The Living Dead (1968) with a comfortable symmetry.
Watch out for Ray Wise, Leland Palmer from Twin Peaks as Frank, Ryan’s dad.

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