Saturday, November 5, 2016

From Whence ye Gentleman From Providence Obtained ye Opus Incommunicable, or Cerebrations Most Stygian on Necronomicon

 Doubtless you have heard whispers of the Necronomicon, that unspeakable tome, and of the terrible and forbidden secrets contained within its hoary and forgotten pages.  From the fevered lips of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred, spilled forth the hysteric prophecies of Yog-Sogoth, Shub-Niggurath, and Great Cthulu, who lies in his house at R’yleh, dead and dreaming.  And yet have you perused the cinematic endeavors of the celebrated director Brian Yuzna in the talking motion picture entitled Necronomicon (1993), also known in the common vernacular as H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon?
Famed thespian and luminary Jeffrey Combs from the motion picture Re-Animator (1986) stars as the Esteemed Scrivener Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and disguises his appearance with a false chin that cleverly replicates the Author’s distinctive jaw line.  Upon visitation of an esoteric New England athenaeum populated by a verily and most sinister cult, the Author discovers the titular grimoire and relates three stories based upon the Author’s own fantastic reports; The Rats in the Walls (1924), Cool Air (1928) and The Whisperer in The Darkness (1931).  Originally featured in the publication Weird Tales, the dramas have been updated for a modern audience and contain singularly grotesque visions of the Old Ones and the associated terrors.
Director Brian Yuzna has adapted many of the Yankee Gentleman’s narratives for the motion picture audience, including the aforementioned Re-Animator (1986), From Beyond (1986) and Dagon (2001).   Through his sagacious employment of this modern photoplay genre, the Honorable Producer has introduced the Author’s bibliography to a new generation of contemporary readers, thus insuring that the Author’s eldritch words will continue to terrify and intrigue, far beyond the Author’s death in 1937.
In closing, I dread the consequences but am most compelled by forces I cannot comprehend to share a quote from that forbidden book:
“That is not dead which can eternal lie.  And with strange aeons even death may die…”
The Call of Cthulu, 1928

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