Thursday, November 10, 2016

That Time When Dr. Grant Was The Antichrist, or Thoughts on Omen III: The Final Conflict

From director Graham Baker, who would go on to direct Alien Nation (1988), Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) featured Sam Neil in his first US movie as an all grown-up Damien Thorn (even though he was 12 in 1978’s Omen II).  Now the CEO of Thorn Industries and handsomely smug Ambassador to the Court of Saint James (referencing Gregory Peck in The Omen, 1976), and comparing himself to Alexander the Great in interviews, the movie continues the operatic Satanic illuminati mythos while adding a prophecy where three stars converge and form a second Star of Bethlehem.
If it doesn’t make sense, don’t worry about it, all you need to know is there is a worldwide conspiracy of Satanists helping Damien and the movie continues its tradition of presenting a series of progressively elaborate suicides and murders as the Vatican tries to kill him and you know, prevent Armageddon.  Watch out for the return of the Rottweiler devil dogs, and of course, the 7 Sacred Daggers of Megido.
Lisa Harrow from All Creatures Great and Small (1975) stars as journalist Kate Reynolds, while Sam Neil is perfectly cast, he has a nice voice for all the blasphemy and a commanding, Old World presence.  New Zealander Sam Neil would go on to mainstream success while continuing to seek out interesting roles like Dead Calm (1988),  Event Horizon (1997), Mouth of Madness  (2004).

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