Thursday, December 22, 2016

Baby It’s Cold Outside, or Thoughts on P2

Like Die Hard (1988), P2 (2007) takes advantage of the isolation of a holiday weekend and control of the building’s security system to kidnap the office worker that he’s been stalking for the past year.  Wes Bentley from American Horror Story: Hotel portrays Thomas, the isolated security guard doing his best Norman  Bates impression; the sensitive, helpful loner with a dark agenda.  Rachel Nichols is Angela Bridges, you may remember her as Lisa the Babysitter in the 2005 The Amityville Horror remake and Galia, the first Orion (green) Starfleet cadet in Star Trek (2009).  She’s the ambitious overworked executive working late on Christmas Eve, both of them are quickly drawn caricatures but the movie only has 77 minutes to tell the story, so what do you expect.
Rachel, wearing a stylish red winter coat like an updated Red Riding Hood gets trapped on Parking Level 2.  It's not long before the lights go out and she’s chloroformed, kidnapped, and wakes up chained to the Christmas dinner table. 
Produced by Alexandre Aja from the far superior Haute Tension  2003) it’s not as violent and pretty straightforward, and it’s ironic to think that with a few tweaks this could be another zany and forgettable romantic comedy.  Neither of these leads are particularly sympathetic or memorable in these roles, and this indifference to the characters sucks any tension or drama from the movie.  Unlike the far superior cat and mouse fight to the death of a movie like Dead Calm (1989), the audience is left waiting for Rachel to break out the fire axe and end the movie.
Watch out for Phillip Akin as Karl, the security guard, who you may remember as Charlie DeSalvo from Highlander (1993, he ran Duncan’s Vancouver dojo).  Like the rest of these holiday horror/thriller movies, P2 features a lot of Christmas carols juxtaposed against ominous scenes, and Thomas even makes an effort to wear a Santa suit.  You gotta appreciate the little things, that’s what the holiday season’s all about.

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