Wednesday, January 18, 2017

An Aussie Grindhouse Rom-Com, or Thoughts on 100 Bloody Acres

 100 Bloody Acres (2012), a gory, unapologetic Australian horror comedy and a twisted romance that puts a new twist on the old meet cute trope (or in this movie, meat cute) is more fun than it has any right to be.  Written and Directed by Colin and Cameron Cairnes, the movie begins with a familiar premise; a gal and her two (awkward) boyfriends breaks down in rural South Australia, they’re picked up by Reg Morgan, who along with his homicidal older brother run a fertilizer company.  Much like Mrs. Lovett’s meat pies or Farmer Vincent’s Smoked Meats, the Morgan Brothers Organic Blood and Bone Fertilizer grows prize-winning veggies because of the “secret ingredient”.  The brothers used to use road kill and accident victims, but soon realize that fresh meat makes a better product.  Doesn't it always?
But this is no Wolf Creek (2005), and is closer to Peter Jackson’s Braindead  (1992) and Housebound(2014).  Reg, the younger brother played by Heath Ledger lookalike Damon Herriman isn’t all that bad and actually sympathetic, as far as psycho backwoods killers go.  He bonds with Sophie, the gal with two boyfriends played by Anna McGahan over their shared affection for 70’s Aussie pop hits and spends the rest of the movie trying to get out ofrom under his brother’s thumb.
The bloody sight gags are juxtaposed against a sly, subversive romantic comedy, as if this rom-com went off the rails and somehow ended up in an abattoir.  It makes for clever scenes like relationship talks during the inherently absurd situation of being tied up and hung upside down and waiting to be ground into fertilizer, and marriage proposals over buckets of blood.
Anna McGahan guest starred in one of my favorite Aussie TV shows, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, and watch out for a cameo from Mick Taylor himself, John Jarratt as Burkey, a friendly motorcycle cop. 

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