Friday, January 20, 2017

Is There Such a Thing as a Psycho Killer Rom-Com, or Thoughts on StalkHer

 A Hard Candy (2005) for grownups, or perhaps a more openly homicidal Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (1966), the Australian psychological thriller StalkHer (2015) is crazy, dysfunctional, sociopathic, and yes, also kinda sorta romantic.  John Jarrett in his directorial debut plays Jack, a serial killer who breaks into Emily’s home only to be tazed, pumped full of scopolamine and tied to a chair in her kitchen.
The entire film takes place within Emily’s kitchen, and unfolds in a series of conversations over the kitchen table like a theatrical play.  Emily as it turns out, is one of those Angel of Death nurses, and has quite a bit of experience in her personal life tying up men and having her way with them.  Emily is portrayed by the brilliant Kaarin Fairfax, a striking woman of a certain age, and much like Sidse Babett Knudson in The Duke of Burgundy (2014), the movie explores an older, more mature sexuality.  Also a violent, sadomasochistic sexuality, but then again it’s nice to see the tables turned on Mick Taylor from Wolf Creek (2005),
The takeaway from this movie seems to be that Australian women are just as hard as the men, and the movie fades in and out between sexually violent fantasy and homicidal reality until the viewer is confused, punch-drunk and left reeling from the experience.  It’s an uneven psychological thriller but a clever twisted romance, featuring a fantastic Aussie punk rock soundtrack including Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds.

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