Friday, January 13, 2017

Searching For Young Frankenstein, or Thoughts on Transylvania 6-5000

Jeff Goldblum, in one of his first starring roles, is a tabloid reporter who along with Ed Begley travels to Transylvania in search of Frankenstein.  The monster, not the doctor; I know this is a point of contention amongst purists but that distinction is not made in Transylvania 6-5000 (1985), a failed screwball comedy with gothic horror elements that collapses under the weight of its impressive cast.
Jeff Goldblum portrays Jack Harrison, cynical reporter, doing his best Bill Murray impression as the smart-ass indifferent cool guy.  A very young Ed Begley is man-child Gil Turner, Jack’s partner and the boss’s son.  They go to Transylvania to investigate monster sightings and encounter Tim Burton favorite Jeffrey Jones as Mayor Lepescu, Geena Davis as Odette, a sexy vampire, and Michael Richards, you know, Cosmo Kramer, as a wacky Transylvanian bell-hop. 
While admittedly a clever play on the 1940 jazz classic by Glenn Miller, the title is also a reference to the far superior (and shorter) 1963 Bugs Bunny cartoon.  The gags haven't aged well, which is ironic because Ghostbusters came out a year earlier.  The movie was filmed in Yugoslavia, three years before the Berlin Wall fell and one year before civil war would break out; revolution was in the air but none of that energy was captured on screen.

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