Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Vampire Apocalypse Now, or Thoughts on Daybreakers

Directed by The Spierig Brothers of Undead (2003), Daybreakers (2009) features an alternate world where vampires won, they’ve hunted the humans to near extinction and now breed them for blood in endless futuristic warehouses like the machines in The Matrix (1999).  It’s a well-defined dystopian vampire future with blood lattes and high-tech shutters on houses and cars.
Ethan Hawke, is a vamp scientist researching a blood substitute while Sam Neill is Charles Bromley, CEO of Bromley Marks, the country’s largest blood distributor.  If Bromley sounds a bit like Brom Stoker, that’s probably not a coincidence.   Of course every dystopian future needs a rebellious underground, and this one is no different.  Willem Dafoe is Elvis Cormac, former vamp and current human, who has a cure, of sorts.
The strength of Daybreakers lies in its impressive realization of a sleek modern night world full of stylish retro fashions and chrome furniture.  The chain smoking vamps dress in black suits and fedoras (actual film noir fedoras, not the trilbys you crazy kids insist on calling fedoras.  There’s a difference, learn it), and have amber, glow in the dark eyes.  The vamps also degenerate into Nosferatu-esque bat winged creatures from blood deprivation.  The premise falls apart when the movie shifts into daylight/human rebellion mode; if you didn’t want the audience to sympathize with the vampires, why did you have to create such a cool world for them?
Sam Neill will always be known as Dr. Grant from that dinosaur park movie but he has a history of genre movies including Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981), Dead Calm (1989), Event Horizon (1997), and John Carpenter’s In The Mouth of Madness (2004).  Ethan Hawke starred in the far superior Gattaca (1997), while Daybreakers is reminiscent of Ultraviolet (2006), a movie with a similar premise but also starring Milla Leeloo Dallas Multipass Jovavich, so automatically sexier and girl fight-ier

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