Thursday, February 9, 2017

Bloody Office Politics in the Woods, or Thoughts on Severance

From director Christopher Smith, who has made a couple clever horror films including Creep (2004), and Triangle (2009), Severance (2006) features a company team-building paintball retreat at a hunting lodge in Eastern Europe (uh oh), which is actually an abandoned insane asylum for Serbian war criminals.  If you can’t guess what happens next, let me give you a hint: it will involve bear traps, flame throwers, mine fields and topless Eastern European hookers with machine guns.  Good times.
Laura Harris, who you may remember as Daisy Adair from Dead Like Me (2003, whatever happened to Ellen Muth?) portrays Maggie, an American, which is amusing to an American audience because she is so obviously Canadian.  Maybe the filmmakers were saying that she was North American.  Also starring Tim McInnerny, who will always be Lord Percy Percy and Captain Darling, as the office manager Richard.
The current rating of 64% on Rotten Tomatoes is accurate, the movie is uneven; it’s not as mean-spirited as Wrong Turn (2003) or as comically violent as Hostel (2005).  Severance is funny in places, not Shaun of the Dead (2004) funny like the poster claims, but there’s an undercurrent of that sly and absurdist British humor that compliments the horrific mayhem and torture porn. 

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