Monday, February 27, 2017

Brazilian Backpacker Organ Donors, or Thoughts on Turistas

I know what you’re thinking (not really); exactly how many movies can there be about pretty Americans in exotic Third World locales being tormented by the angry and resentful locals?  And the answer is: more than you would think.  Turistas (2006, released as Paradise Lost in Australia and the UK), stars Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel and girl Melissa George from 30 Days of Night (2007) and Triangle (2009)  as Lonely Planet backpackers who get stranded on an idyllic beach in Brazil after being robbed of their passports, phones, money and luggage.  Basically all of their American stuff, though Melissa George as Pru gets to use her natural Australian accent and plays an Aussie.  So let’s say they get robbed of all their First World stuff.
The standard tourist nightmare takes a darker turn when they meet a kindly doctor who runs a black market organ harvesting hospital.  The usual stuff ensues; tense chases in the jungle, a fight for survival, and some heavy-handed speeches on the historic First World exploitation of Brazilian natural resources.
Melissa George, no stranger to the horror genre, actually made her first film appearances in Dark City (1998) and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive (2001) before going on to portray as Kathy Lutz in The Amityville Horror remake (2005, with Deadpool).
There are so many of these vacation horror movies, from The Green Inferno (2012), The Beach (2000), The Ruins (2008), Chernobyl Diaries (2012) and A Perfect Getaway (2009, with Milla Jovovich)  to Hostel (2005), the god standard for these torture porn tourists in jeopardy movie.  The takeaway lesson is always be respectful of the local culture.  I suppose it may have to do with some latent First World guilt, or maybe we just have a taste for girls in bikinis and backroom vivisection. 

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