Friday, February 17, 2017

Leeloo vs. Jill Valentine, or Thoughts on Resident Evil: Apocalypse

 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004) is in many ways the most ambitious film of the series, depicting a full-on zombie outbreak in Raccoon City, or Ontario to you and me.  The events take place directly after Resident Evil (2002), or rather 13 hours before Alice wakes up in the abandoned hospital.  She’s been infected with the T-virus, but not to worry, it somehow bonded with her DNA and now she has super-powers.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse is primarily remembered for bringing Jill Valentine to the big screen, as portrayed by Sienna Guillory in the signature costume direct from the game and sporting twin Smith and Wesson 5946s, in case you care, and I know you do.  In addition to Jill, the movie follows 3 other stories; Jared Harris, Moriarity from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011) is an Umbrella Corporation scientist whose daughter is trapped in Raccoon City, and Oded Fehr is introduced as Carlos Olivera, a private security commando for the Umbrella Corporation.  Mike Epps is LJ, a street-wise hustler whose shit is custom, and Sandrine Holt is Terri Morales, the weather lady for Raccoon City news who tags along with Jill.  Alice weaves in and out of the plot, fighting mutants and kicking ass, but is really only in about a third of the movie.  Watch out for the thriller-style graveyard scene but now with roundhouse kicks.
Also watch out for Iain Glen, Sir Richard Carlisle from Downton Abbey, and mooning over Khalisi in that show about dragons, who is introduced in the second film as Dr. Isaacs, a role that will grow in subsequent films, along with his career.  And if Zack Ward as Nicholai Ginovaef looks familiar, it’s because you remember him from Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story (1983, my favorite Christmas movie, with Darren McGavin).   Sophie Vavasseur as Angela Ashford, the little girl who needs to be rescued, grows up to be Princess Ellisif on Vikings.

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