Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That Time When Leeloo Was a Purple-Haired Daywalker, or Thoughts on Ultraviolet

 Exactly how many posts about Milica Bogdanova Jovovich (who you and I know as Milla Jovovich) can I write before it gets weird?  The answer is: a lot (I can’t help being weird).  She has an IMDb page of 47 credits that goes back to 1988, including her Resident Evifranchise, her breakout roles in The Fifth Element (1997) and as Joan of Arc in The Messenger (1999) and don’t ever forget her cameo as Katinka Ingabogovinanana in Zoolander (2001).  I do find it interesting that in this current cinematic climate there’s a controversy as to whether female action movies are commercially successful and everyone seems to have forgotten that Milla Jovovich has been all out of bubblegum since the 90’s.
In Ultraviolet (2006), a genetically modified infection infects half the world with the hemophage virus, a vampire-ish blood disorder that gives everybody fangs, heightened strength and healing ability, sort of like Daybreakers (2009), but without all the blood drinking.  A dystopian religious/medical government rises up, while Milla portrays Violet Song Jat Shariff, a resistance fighter (there’s always a resistance).
There’s plenty to like about this movie; cool cyber-ninja fight scenes and interesting Matrix-y technology that enables Milla to drive her motorcycle on walls and have infinite bullets.  It’s also a pretty movie with a sleek visual style, however all those elements, coupled with the vampire subtext creates a confusing mish-mash of genres and plots.  It’s not exactly a vampire action movie, nor is it a sci-fi martial arts epic.  It’s something less definable, and currently holds a gloriously under-appreciated 9% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
Watch out for Nick Chinlund as Vice-Cardinal Ferdinand Daxus.  You will remember him as Donnie, the necrophiliac ex-funeral director with the hair pillow from The X-Files (Irresistible, 1995).  This was writer and director Kurt WImmer’s follow up to the far superior Equilibrium (2002), another dystopian future that featured similar action sequences but a much tighter plot.  I do like seeing Milla Jovovich with purple hair (speaking of hair pillows), if that counts for anything.

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