Monday, March 27, 2017

Millennial Blade Runners, Still Dreaming of Electric Sheep, or Thoughts on Morgan

 Morgan (2016), a movie completely overshadowed by Ex-Machina (2014, I mean, how many genetically modified super intelligent killer androids that coincidentally are also pretty girls kept behind glass in secret underground bunkers do we need?) is an under-rated and unappreciated modern Frankenstein movie with a crazy, literal metric ton of quality actors.  Anya Taylor-Joy, you know, Thomasina from The Witch  (2015) and Casey in Split (2016) is Morgan, a genetically modified 5-year-old super genius with super strength and the body of a 20-year-old girl.  She’s essentially an organic Replicant, which is an interesting coincidence as the movie was directed by Luke Scott, the son of Ridley (yeah, Alien, Blade Runner, that Ridley Scott). 
Kate Mara, Rooney’s sister, appears as Lee Weathers, a risk management consultant from the mysterious corporation that funded the Morgan project.   Lee sees Morgan as a corporate asset, a collection of patents, while the scientists at the secret facility in the Irish countryside that raised her see her at the least as their prized pupil and more like their daughter, so there’s your conflict.
Rose Leslie from that show about ice and fire and the movies The Last Witch Hunter  (2015) and Honeymoon (2014) is Dr. Amy Menser, Morgan’s closest friend while Toby Jones from The Girl (2012) and Berberian Sound Studio (2012) is Dr. Simon Ziegler (there’s a lot of doctors in this movie).  Jennifer Jason Leigh, Daisy Domergue in The Hateful Eight (2015) is Dr. Kathy Grieff while Paul Giamatti, Limbo from Tim Burton’s Planet of theApes (2001) and The Illusionist  (2006) is Dr. Alan Shapiro.  Is that a big enough cast for you? Well there’s more, newcomer Boyd Holbrook from Logan (2017) is Skip, the cook while Michelle Yeoh is Dr. Lui Cheng.  Also watch out for Brian Cox, the first Hannibal Lechter (Manhunter, 1986) as Jim Bryce.
The movie currently holds an unappreciated 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but what do those guys know?

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