Saturday, March 11, 2017

More Like Drag Me to Sleep, or I Watched Drag Me to Hell, So You Don’t Have To

Evil Dead writer and director Sam Raimi returned to his horror roots with Drag Me to Hell (2009), admittedly a fantastic title for a horror movie for people who say they love horror movies but really don’t.  It’s more of a gross out fest as a way to get around the PG-13 rating with so much unnecessary CGI; from the random old lady handkerchief floating in the wind to the fiery cracks in the floor that will, you know, drag you to hell.
Alison Lohman is Christine, a young and ambitious bank loan officer who gets an old Gypsy lady evicted, never a great idea.  While there are curses, maggots, eyeball cakes and off-screen kitten sacrifice, the movie is also inadvertently funny, the best scene being where Alison crashes a Gypsy funeral and somehow ends up with the corpse rolling on top of her.  Justin Long, who has made a career of playing sensitive, caring boyfriends in movies like AfterLife (2009) plays Clay, Christine’s sensitive college professor boyfriend.
Watch out for Dileep Rao from Avatar (2009) and Inception (2010) as Rham Jas, an exposition-supplying psychic.
Americans have had a tradition of hating bankers that goes back to Dillinger so it’s hard to make one sympathetic, as audiences coming into this movie are automatically on the side of the old Gypsy woman.  It is a great premise from a surprisingly under-explored genre, if you Google “gypsy curse movies” you’ll only find three; this one, Stephen King’s Thinner (1996) and the gold standard of Gypsy curses, Lon Chaney Jr.s’ The WolfMan (1941).

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