Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Now That You Know Who Vera Farmiga is, Go Watch Roar

A failed Celtic fantasy/Xena/Hercules hybrid from the heady days of 1997 that barely lasted half a season, Fox’s Roar featured a few actors you may have heard of, including Heath Ledger (yes, that Heath Ledger, x years before A Knight’s Tale), Bates Motel's Vera Farmiga, Melissa George and Keri Russell.
Vera Farmiga is Catlin, a former slave who’s handy with a bow while 18 year old Heath Ledger is rockin’ a sick padawan braid as Conor, the youngest son of a Celtic tribe who must avenge his father’s death and unite all the tribes and rise to— you know what happens next, you’ve seen this story over and over, in so many iterations, that’s one of the reasons it didn’t get picked up for a second season.
Produced by Shawn Cassidy and filmed in Australia, Roar had the look of Xena: Warrior Princess and featured similar bloodless, acrobatic battles and the mishmash of Celtic, Christian and Roman mythology.  The series also shared Xena’s fast and loose, laissez-faire attitude towards weapons and armor (it’s important for me to see period correct swords and armor, especially in Roman Britain, one of my favorite time periods).  But it’s nice to see Vera Farmiga in her first starring role and Heath Ledger’s natural charisma and star quality is obvious and undeniable.

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