Thursday, March 16, 2017

Now That You've Seen Bates Motel, Go Watch Dressed to Kill

As I re-watch all four previous seasons of Bates Motel (I’m just about to start Season 3) concurrently with Season 5 in preparation for my super awesome Series Review I noticed how much Norma’s outside outfit reminded me of the killer from Dressed to Kill (1980), a Hitchcock tribute by Scarface (1983) director Brian DePalma that was coincidentally, also inspired by Psycho (1960). Dressed to Kill (1980) stars Angie Dickenson, as Kate Miller a bored Manhattan socialite in white.  She’s no Grace Kelly but she’s Brian DePalma’s version of the Classic Hitchcock Blonde (another Vera Farmiga/Norma Bates reference?) and just like Janet Leigh in another Hitchcock movie she gets slashed up in the first third of the movie.  
Her murder is witnessed by high class escort Liz, as portrayed by Nancy Allen who would go on to star as Lewis in RoboCop (1987, I’d buy that for a dollar!).  Together with Kate’s teenage son Peter (yeah I know, mother issues) they investigate the murder in the gritty streets of a late 70's New York.  Peter is played by Keith Gordon while an impossibly handsome Michael Caine plays Dr. Elliott, Kate’s therapist.  Also look out for Dennis Franz in an early role as (what else), an NYPD homicide detective.
It’s a funny old world how we can connect these diverse elements and see a pattern that may or may not be there, but I have to think that Norma’s raincoat is an oblique, lateral reference to the killer in Dressed to Kill in much the same way that Emma’s vintage 1972 VW Super Beetle is a reference to Ted Bundy, who drove a 1968.  (Norma drives a 1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SEL, in case you care, and I know you do).

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