Thursday, June 8, 2017

Get Us Out From Under, or Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Surprisingly, I’m not really a comic book guy, though superantonio is a reference to the Son of Krypton, and to be honest, what with the superhero over-saturation and my general disdain for green screen CGI sausage fests, I was willing to give this movie a pass.  I would not have watched Wonder Woman (2017) without this blog and thus would have missed out on a movie that completely reinvigorates the modern comic book movie.  With none of the grim misery and almost self-loathing bleakness of Batman V. Superman  (2016), Gal Gadot’s Amazon Princess brings fun back into the equation, and presents a summer movie that’s both optimistic and inspiring.  It has less of a focus on selling action figures, videogames and setting up sequels, and actually settles down and tells a story.
Lynda Carter’s iconic 70’s Wonder Woman was closer to Batman ’66 in style and tone, this modern movie (while set in 1918, or about a 100 years ago), presents an updated Wonder Woman complete with a CGI Lasso of Truth, and follows the Imperator Furiosa and Rey from The Force Awakens (2015) trend of strong, believable female action heroes.  From director Patty Jenkins of Monster (2003), Wonder Woman also has some of the best fighting scenes I’ve seen since Lord of the Rings (2001, which coincidentally, was about the time I gave up on modern cinema). 
That’s Lucy Davis, Dawn Tinsley from The Office and Dianne in Shaun of the Dead (2004) as Etta Candy, and Ewan Bremner, Spud from Trainspotting (1996) as Charlie.  Also with Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolata, Danny Huston, the lead vamp from 30 Days of Night (2007)  as a German baddie, David Thewlis as Sir Patrick, and Elena Anaya as Doctor Poison, my new favorite mad scientist.
It’s hard to approach these movies critically because modern audiences are so easily offended, and that makes reviews difficult to trust because of the fear of backlash.  Everyone says this movie is good because nobody wants to be accused of being sexist.  But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s an entertaining movie, and a decade from now when the politics have settled down, it still will be.

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