Friday, June 23, 2017

Stuck on a Cruise Ship With Famke Janssen and Some Sea Monsters, or Thoughts on Deep Rising

I imagine the pitch meeting for Deep Rising (1998) went something like “Let’s take all the most obvious elements from Die Hard (1988), Alien (1979), Predator (1987) and The Poseidon Adventure (1972) and somehow make a movie out of the result”.  Treat Williams portrays Finnegan, a friendly smuggler transporting a group of mercenaries out to hijack a cruise ship, (though this being the high seas these guys are literally pirates), but (plot twist), the cruise ship has already been attacked and eaten by a bunch of deep-sea spikey tentacle creatures. 
Fortunately, Famke Janssen from House on Haunted Hill (1999) and Hansel& Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013) is Trillian St. James, (because the name Hottie McSupermodel was too subtle), one of the survivors and on-board jewel thief/card shark/pickpocket.  The rest of the movie plays out as you would expect; guns, blood, skeletons, explosions, more tentacles, and jet skis.

From Stephen Sommers, who would go on to direct The Mummy (1999), the pirates include Wes Studi, Djimon Honsou, Cliff Curtis, who would appear in Virus (1999), essentially the same move, and Jason Flemyng from Snatch (2000) and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998).  Also watch out for Kevin J. O’Connor from Lord of Illusions (1995) and The Mummy (1999) as Joey, the mechanic.

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