Wednesday, June 7, 2017

When Your Deep Sea Dive Awakens the Old Ones, or Thoughts on The Creature Below

An old-fashioned monster movie, or a low budget Alien (1979) filmed in Yorkshire, The Creature Below (2016) blows most of their budget on their green-screen sci-fi intro.  Marine biologist and adventure diver Olive Crown goes deep into the abyss in an experimental dive suit, has an encounter with some Cthulu-ish tentacles, blacks out and is brought back to her ship with no memory of the encounter and a slimy black egg pod attached to her suit.  After that relatively adventurous/action sci-fi start, the movie shifts gears and slows down.
Olive is somehow able to sneak the pod/egg ashore and takes it home where she lives with her estranged boyfriend.   The thing grows, escapes, bonds with Olive telepathically (as these things do), and you can guess what happens next.  The rest of the movie is pretty much an extended game of hide the tentacle in Olive’s flat.  The Lovecraft reference isn’t some verbose call-back on my part, Olive’s also a graduate of Miskatonic University,  and if you’re not familiar with that eldritch institution of higher learning, I don’t know if we can still  be friends.
I haven’t really mentioned screen credits because they’re all relatively new and you’ve very likely never heard of them before.  Written and Directed by Stewart Sparke, with Anna Dawson portraying Olive.  See what I mean?  It’s a good first effort, and hey, any movie that strives to keep Lovecraft relevant in the 21st Century is worth a watch.

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