Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Vamping It Up With King Leonidas, or Thoughts on Dracula 2000

A modern adaptation taking all the essential elements of a traditional Dracula movie and mixing it up with Y2K scares and a loopy biblical origin story, Dracula 2000 (1999) featured Gerard Butler in one of his first feature roles as The Count.  So a bunch of thieves break into a vault under Van Helsing’s antique store and find a mysterious silver coffin and automatically assume that whatever’s inside it must be valuable and take it back to New Orleans, which seems to me to be a roundabout way to film another vampire movie on Bourbon Street, but ok.
From director Patrick Lussier, who would go on to direct My Bloody Valentine 3D  (2009) and Drive Angry (2011), Dracula 2000 featured Christopher Plummer from The Sound of Music (1965) and Sir Charles Litton in Return of The Pink Panther (1975) as Abraham Van Helsing, Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine from Voyager as Valerie Sharpe, a news reporter who looks pretty good with fangs and Jonny Lee Miller as Simon, Van Helsing’s apprentice.  Also watch out for Nathan Fillion with glasses as Father David.

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